Crop Monitoring Technology

AquaSpy develops AgSpy, affordable yet advanced IOT connected crop monitoring technology and analytics that reports on crop-specific water and nutrient needs for each of the crop development stages throughout the season.

Dedicated to supporting crop farmers globally, AquaSpy connects the grower with the crop plant, providing actionable information leading to better yields, proactive water conservation and informed soil management, all core components of regenerative agriculture. The AgSpy IoT agriculture platform listens to plants and interprets their needs as they grow.

The solar-powered, multi-sensor probe and cellular control tower installation occurs once at the start of a growing season. The system is pre-calibrated and auto-connects to the AgSpy platform for remote monitoring, meaning that there is little interaction with the system in the field until end of season removal. With a sensor providing moisture, temperature and EC data at 4 inch intervals down to 48 inches, a comprehensive vertical view of the soil condition past the depth of most crop roots is transmitted at regular intervals to the AgSpy cloud-based data-driven platform. There it is auto-analyzed and packaged for presentation to the Grower for review and critical decision-making. With such information growers can optimize irrigation while minimizing runoff and conserving water without impacting crop yield. They can also get maximum value from properly timed and controlled fertilization, minimizing the introduction of unnecessary chemical components. The results from AquaSpy advanced crop monitoring technology are more consistent and better yields along with healthier, more sustainable soil.