Take the Guesswork Out of Irrigation
July 21, 2016
In a Case Study Conducted by Lux Research, AquaSpy-Managed Fields Generated 22% Higher Yields
August 18, 2016

World’s First Database of Detailed Statistical Data on Plant Root Growth

Based on automated root detection from thousands of fields with different crops, AquaSpy™ has established a database of detailed statistical data on plant root growth. Understanding where the active root zone is located is a crucial component in understanding nutrient uptake for the different crop types.

AquaSpy™ tracked root growth and crop behavior of both water and nutrients though a 48” profile gathering data points from 12 sensors (each sensor 4 inches apart). The data confirms that root growth, in conjunction with having the right moisture and nutrients available in the active root zone, is a major part of driving yield for the grower.

A strong correlation between plant date and root growth was also detected.