Crophesy FAQ

What is included in the VIP subscription service?

Each subscription includes our Crophesy mobile app, AgSpy software, one wireless battery-powered underground multi–sensor probe, wireless data plan, analytics and reporting.

Is shipping included in my order?

Shipping is additional, FOB San Diego. Contact our sales team or your regional partner for bulk orders.

How do I create an account?

Simply download the Crophesy app from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) and follow the steps in the app.  You will need to activate the ap and sign up for an account before installing your hardware in the field.

Do I need to purchase a cellular connection for my sensors?

Included in the price is the cellular plan that we have negotiated in bulk.

How does the probe connect to the internet?

Wireless services are included in your subscription. Crophesy probes connect to the cloud via one of two cellular options:

  • LTE CAT M1 + NB IoT + GSM 2.5G
  • LTE CAT 1 + GSM 3G – for where the first option does not have coverage

LTE CAT M1 and NB-IoT are LPWA (low-power wide-area) networks designed to work well in challenging environments such as below ground. Since they are low power, they offer extended battery life for IoT sensors to work up to 10+ years without replacing battery.

How many probes will I need?

The number of probes depends on your management practices and your irrigation capabilities. In general, you will need minimum one install per uniform irrigation area. However, if you are able to apply varying amounts throughout the field, you should consider placing strategic installs where you want to verify certain conditions. Say you want to make sure that the water application is uniform along a drip system, place one in the beginning, one in the middle and one at the end. It could also be advantageous to place installs in varying soil conditions.

How do I install the probes?

The probes are tapered with an average diameter of about 1.5” when placed in the soil. If you have loose soil from recent cultivation, you may press the probe into the ground simply by applying pressure from the top. If the soil is set, you may use our custom 1.5” tapered auger in a standard battery powered drill to auger a hole.

Once you have installed the probe in the ground to the desired Zone indicator, its recommended to apply 1 gallon of water around the probe and use a metal poker or rod to loosen and resettle the soil around the probe. For best performance of the sensors, there should not be any air pockets around the probe.

Do I need to apply a Slurry?

It is not mandatory to apply a slurry to install the 3 sensor probe. However, if the soil is particularly hard or you do not want to disturb the soil next to a plant, it is recommended to take some soil and mix with water into a muddy slurry, fill about half of the augured hole with slurry and press the probe into the soil to the desired zone marker. This guarantees an air pocket free install.     

Do I need to calibrate the probe?

The probe is calibrated during manufacturing and will not need re-calibration. The Crophesy data algorithms are capable of handling data from many different situations (and are soil independent) including poor installations.

How do I calibrate the probe to a specific crop?

When you install the probe, select the crop type from the install menu. The Crophesy algorithms will handle the rest for the entire season; the only fully self-calibrating and self-adjusting system available.

Do I need to recharge the battery?

Crophesy probes never need recharging. We have built them with a long-lasting internal battery that never needs recharged or replaced. Estimated battery life is 5 years.

Can the data be exported to other systems?

Yes, our AgSpy software has an open API which allows you to integrate with other popular crop monitoring and weather systems.

What kind of maintenance does the probe need?

The Crophesy probes require no special maintenance. At the end of the season, remove from the field, wipe them off with a cloth, turn arrow to off and “end season” in the app.

How do I receive data from my probes?

Your soil moisture and a variety of other data such as infiltration and consumption can be viewed on the Crophesy mobile app. You may also log directly into the AgSpy app and view data on your desktop.

How often is data uploaded?

Data is uploaded from the sensors to the app multiple times per day.

Will I receive alerts about issues?

Yes, the app has been designed prioritize issues that need your attention first.

What types of irrigation are support?

Crophesy works with drip, pivot, or dryland.

What types of soil are supported?

Crophesy works with all soil types.

What is the sensor temperature operating range?

The sensor will work from 0 F to 140 F.

How do I renew my Crophesy subscription?

Your Crophesy subscription will renew automatically.

How do I purchase the Crophesy VIP services?

There are several ways to purchase our VIP services: you can purchase via credit card on our website; through your favorite regional retail partner; or for larger size orders or for PO orders contact our sales team directly.

How many months is the commitment?

Our typical Crophesy VIP subscription runs 36 months (3 Years).

Can I cancel?

Yes! You may cancel any time.

Is there a cancellation fee?

You can cancel at any point in the contract. A cancellation fee of $500 will be charged to your account. However, no cancellation fee applies if or when the contractual months have been utilized.

What if I only grow crops for part of the year? Can I suspect or turn off the subscription when I am not using it?

Yes! You can hibernate or suspend the service for up to 6 months in the year. You will be charged a $200 hibernation fee each time the subscription is placed in hibernation and then reactivated.

How much is the Hardware?

There are no Hardware fees; long lasting wireless moisture probes are included in the monthly subscription.

What if my probe stops working?

We stand by our probes. If a probe stops working, simply scan or enter the serial number into the RMA tab to confirm it’s under warranty. We’ll ship you a new one!

What is the return policy for the hardware?

If the hardware breaks or quits functioning within the term of the service, just send it back to us and we’ll replace it. See the RMA tab in the Crophesy mobile app.

There is unlimited warranty so long as the service contract is current you are under warranty.

What do I do if my probe is lost or stolen?

Report it to us and we will replace under live valid contracts.

Ideal crop types for Crophesy 3 sensor probe

Crops and vegetables best suited for Crophesy 3-tier sensors include shallow rooted plants with active root zones between 4 and 18 inches. But you can use Crophesy for crop with deeper roots as long as the plant is only utilizing the layers below 18” to a minor degree.

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