About AquaSpy

For over 10 years AquaSpy has been dedicated to the global service of crop farmers who need more and better information about the dynamics of crop growth happening now in their own fields. The AquaSpy intelligent, cloud-based IOT Agriculture platform connects the grower with specific crop plant behavior and needs, providing actionable information leading to better yields, proactive water conservation and informed soil management – the core components of regenerative agriculture. AquaSpy’s innovative vertical approach to crop health optimization empowers farmers with market leading intelligence in Ag Tech and Precision Irrigation. Actionable data enables growers to optimize irrigation and nutrients while minimizing runoff and conserving water. The results are better crop yields and healthier, more sustainable soil. AquaSpy’s IoT Agriculture Technology Platform is proven, reliable, accurate, affordable and easy to deploy and use. The AquaSpy platform is designed and built in the United States by AquaSpy, a US company, and is supported by a worldwide distribution network of partners.