How does Crophesy work?

Crophesy includes a mobile app (iOS and Android) plus wireless 3, 6 and 12-sensor probes that are placed in the field that transmit detailed soil and crop information to our analysis engine.

The analysis engine is the proven AgSpy software that drives crop-specific data and analysis.

Why use Crophesy?

Drive improved yield through a better understanding of plant need and health across your entire field throughout the growing season. Affordable, easy to deploy Crophesy sensors can be distributed widely across a field to identify areas of focus for irrigation or nutrient optimization.

Crophesy Multi-sensor probes

Continuous wireless monitoring in the active root zone

Battery-operated (internal battery – non-replaceable)

Non-rechargeable battery with an estimated min 5 year continuous battery life

Three-level soil moisture probe has two zones with sensors at 4, 8, 12 inches or 8, 12, and 16 inches, the 6 and 12-sensor probes have sensors every 4 inches throughout the length of the probe.

Works with all soil types

GPS locator

Water-tight and weatherproof

Fully-encapsulated, no leakage or cracking

Universal narrow-band low-power cellular

A Cell Phone Service for your Crops

Crophesy has a unique, pay as you grow service subscription. Crophesy offers a unique flexible subscription plan that gives growers the flexibility and peace of mind to manage the service according to their unique growing environment, crop rotation, and seasonality.

Crophesy delivers:

  • More informed irrigation and fertilization decisions
  • Optimized irrigation coverage
  • Water savings
  • Reduces runoff
  • Elimination of over- or under-watering
  • Improved plant health optimizes yield
  • Remote monitoring which reduces extra trips to the field
  • Flexible, pay as you grow service subscription model

Crophesy Mobile App

Download the Crophesy Mobile App from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Data computed and presented by cloud service via AgSpy

  • Available moisture level in the active root zone
  • Moisture consumption level in the active root zone
  • Irrigation depth and irrigation refill
  • Detected rooting depth to ensure active roots have available nutrients at each depth
  • Salinity level in the active root zone – (dS/m)
  • Soil temperature by sensor (C or F)
  • Soil density by depth avails your understanding of how easily or difficultly your plant withdraws soil nutrients

Read more about AgSpy.

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