Do you serve the needs of farmers?
Let’s collaborate!

Together we can help growers optimize their investments and inputs to maximize plant quality and farm profitability.

We are looking for the RIGHT agtech partners throughout the world:

  • Ag Retailers (seed, fertilizer or other input dealers, traditional co-ops, etc.) who want the opportunity to touch their customers more often by offering AquaSpy real-time below ground insights.
  • Regional precision ag advisors / agronomists who want to offer AquaSpy technology bundled with their service offering.
  • Equipment dealers looking for additional services and technology offerings.
  • Other Service / Technology Providers including above or below ground services, including drones, satellite, farm management software, etc., looking to offer a comprehensive solution for the grower.
  • Produce Brands who are producers, processors or marketing co-ops with united goals around sustainability, regenerative agriculture, or product quality.
  • Food & Beverage Brands who have multi-national footprints desiring to unite growers around common goals for water conservation, crop quality and consistency, or sustainability.
  • Research and development, universities or other researchers, seed growers, institutions, research farms, COEs doing market research, studies, farms of the future, or trials.
  • Marketing partners such as associations or alliances using technology to support a common goal.

Working together we will help growers:

  • Increase profitability of their farm
  • Conserve water and nutrients
  • Farm more sustainably
  • Make irrigation decisions remotely/ reduce the number of visits to the farm
  • Make informed irrigation decisions
  • Take the risk out of irrigation timing decisions

What we offer:

  • Best practices process management tool
  • We work with our partners to make them successful with tools and visibility
  • Affordable pricing and a range of choices
  • Systems that are fast to install, and require no maintenance
  • Commitment to standing with the growers
  • Dedicated customer support
  • Complimentary training,
  • One-on-one consultations
  • Current documentation
  • We are active on social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, X)
  • We have a number of crop and region-specific lead generation campaigns

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