Tips for Growing Crops and Optimizing Yields

Farmers face a lot of challenges growing crops today: soil, weather, drought, disease, pests and even more with the added issues presented with climate change.

What we’ve found at AquaSpy as the results of studying the data from over a decade of intelligence gathered from different crops is that they each have a unique set of needs and demands, and these change throughout the growing season. Knowing what those unique needs are can make a difference that determines a successful harvest or not. Some crops need more water, some less. Some crops don’t mind a little salinity, others won’t tolerate it at all.

The growing challenges don’t end there. How do you know exactly what to do, and what each of these crops need at their various lifecycles in the season? What if there was a way to listen to your vegetable or tree and have it tell you? AquaSpy intelligence irrigation process control charts provide exactly that! Our unique patented soil moisture sensors can actually listen to the crop by “seeing” what’s happening in the active root zone. Is the crop drinking or not? Is it time to irrigate? What does the crop need right now that will lead to a healthy plant or tree and an optimized yield? It’s not always best to aim for maximized yield, sometimes optimization is the better goal — there are many types crops, nuts and fruits especially, where precise tuning for quality and timing the application and amount of water and nutrients is critical to optimization.

As water becomes more scarce, and the soil more saline, monitoring for soil salinity is an ever more serious growing challenge.

With this in mind, we are gathering AgFacts to share what we’ve learned along with the latest research in a variety of crops. Don’t see your crop here? Ask us about what you are having growing challenges with. We’ll be able to help!