AgSpy Crop Specific Insights Remove the Guesswork

Increase agricultural productivity with intelligent layer by layer insights

We Measure Vertically

Operating in 16 countries, AquaSpy is dedicated to supporting crop farmers globally and helping them remove the risk and guesswork from irrigation and nutrient decisions.

Continuous insights connect the grower with the crop plant, providing actionable information leading to better yields, proactive water conservation and informed soil management, all core components of regenerative agriculture. The AgSpy IoT agriculture platform listens to plants and interprets their needs as they grow.

  • 48 inches of vertical insight at the root
  • Soil independent and crop specific by growing season
  • Low-cost hardware driven by proprietary algorithms resulting in hands-free process control system and refinement of NPK separated by unique data signatures
  • Works for pivot or drip irrigation
  • Tuned for crops and season
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Simple to use

AquaSpy delivers data-driven graphs and images that are easy to understand for quick decisions.

We tell you where you are, where you’ve been and where you need to go every hour of every day. Our proprietary YES! Score precisely shows you the way. A higher score means you are on the right track to more consistent, optimized yields.

It’s as easy as staying inside the lines!

Our data shows the most direct impact to superior yields is assuring that water and nutrients exist in the Active Root Zone (ARZ) when and where the plant attempts to uptake these vital elements. Our proprietary measurement algorithms use “vectors” to separate moisture from temperature from electrical conductivity. You can see how effective your irrigations are and when the crop is drinking.

AgSpy technology processes raw data through proprietary algorithms to discern water and nutrients in active and inactive root zones and automatically establishes and adjusts for full, empty, and every point in-between throughout every minute of every day of the season for moisture, EC, and temperature.

  • Proprietary crop-specific water use efficiency metrics
  • Active root zone monitoring for each crop type and lifecycle stage
  • More than just a sensor; proprietary algorithms give yield-optimizing insights
  • Benchmarking against peers
  • Data-sharing between partner & grower
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ruggedized, durable, weather-proof
  • Cellular connectivity is included
  • Solar-powered
  • Data sent every hour
  • Phone, tablet, laptop
  • Text alerts