AquaSpy Soil Moisture Probes

We Measure the Soil Vertically

Legacy 48” soil moisture probes deliver in-depth analytics about when and where to apply nutrients generated from automated daily measurements of crop roots and soil, at 4” intervals down to 48”, tailored to crop type & growing seasons

  • Proprietary hardware design of 12 vertical sensors creating 12 separate measurement zones of 4 inches each
  • Connects automatically to AgSpy cloud
  • Internal GPS sensor
  • Two cellular options
  • Solar powered

Crophesy is an advanced three-level soil moisture probe that can be deployed to 4, 8, and 12 inches or 8, 12, and 16 inches depending on insertion depth. The probe is completely self-contained, watertight and weatherproof, with a 5-year non-replaceable battery.

  • Connects automatically to AgSpy cloud
  • Internal GPS locator
  • Two cellular options
  • Simple 4-step installation
  • Use multiple sensors to get an overall view of your field’s crop health
850,000 acres managed
6,500 fields
13.8 billion data points collected

More than just a sensor; proprietary algorithms give yeild-optimizing insights for ideal fertigation

Built for the Farm

  • IoT connected soil moisture sensor
  • Works with all soil types
  • GPS locator
  • Water-tight and weatherproof
  • Fully encapsulated, no leakage or cracking
  • Manufactured in the U.S.