AquaSpy Expands Crophesy Pay as you Grow Monitoring to Row Crops

Water scarcity means that farmers need more tools to ensure that crops utilize every drop. To help farmers monitor every type of crop they grow, AquaSpy has added additional options to the Crophesy Pay as You Grow Service that enables monitoring crops with root depths up to 60 inches. Crops and vegetables best suited for new six or twelve sensor Crophesy probes include plants with active root zones between 16 and 60 inches which covers a wide variety of row crops, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and grains. Original Crophesy three sensor probes are great for shallow rooted vegetables.

A Cell Phone Service for your Crops

Crophesy™ battery-operated below ground soil moisture probes by AquaSpy® have an intelligent soil and root deciphering algorithm that accurately predicts crop health and yield.

Crophesy has a unique, pay as you grow service subscription that’s worry and hassle-free. Each subscription includes the Crophesy mobile app, AgSpy software, one wireless battery-powered underground multi–sensor probe, wireless data plan, analytics and reporting. Crophesy hardware is completely integrated and wireless, with no cords or towers required. Installation is as simple as pushing it into the ground and scanning it with the mobile app.

Crophesy’s unique subscription plan gives growers the flexibility and peace of mind to manage the service according to their unique growing environment, crop rotation, and seasonality. Suspend or “hibernate” the subscription in the off-season.

Crophesy Pay-As-You-Grow Service

With Crophesy, farmers can use a smartphone, tablet or desktop device to remotely monitor crops and plants and instantly see stats on soil moisture, soil density, salinity, and temperature, as well as water infiltration and consumption.

Crophesy 3-, 6- and 12-sensor wireless soil moisture monitoring probes placed throughout fields give farmers a broad, field level view with crop-specific insights about soil and crop health. Each sensor represents 4 in/10cm of depth.

Data is automatically interpreted through sophisticated statistical algorithms and then uploaded to the Crophesy Mobile App.  Download the Crophesy Mobile App from the Apple App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android). Use the app daily to receive notices about where you need to focus your attention.

About AquaSpy

For over 10 years AquaSpy has been dedicated to the global service of crop farmers who need more and better information about the dynamics of crop growth happening now in their own fields. The AquaSpy intelligent, cloud-based IOT Agriculture platform connects the grower with specific crop plant behavior and needs, providing actionable information leading to better yields, proactive water conservation and informed soil management – the core components of regenerative agriculture.

AquaSpy’s innovative vertical approach to crop health optimization empowers farmers with market leading intelligence in Ag Tech and Precision Irrigation. Actionable data enables growers to optimize irrigation and nutrients while minimizing runoff and conserving water. The results are better crop yields and healthier, more sustainable soil. AquaSpy’s IoT Agriculture Technology Platform is proven, reliable, accurate, affordable and easy to deploy and use. The AquaSpy platform is designed and built in the United States by AquaSpy, a US company, and is supported by a worldwide distribution network of partners.