Tune Irrigation Practices for Peppers with Crophesy Below Ground Sensors

Yield and quality are closely related to irrigation practices for peppers. Like tomatoes, optimal irrigation of sweet peppers leads to healthier plants, higher quality fruits, and better yields. For ideal pepper fruit set and development, strive for consistent watering throughout the season. If you are using Crophesy below ground intelligent sensors, you can keep an eye on your green band and your YES! Score. Keeping your score high means you’ll have a better pepper crop. Set your alert notifications so you know immediately if you are below the green band midpoint. And you definitely want an alert if your moisture value is below the recommended refill point for either sweet or hot peppers. While some experts suggest hot peppers like a little less water, sweet peppers are sensitive to blossom end rot if under irrigated.

Even though some growers suggest waiting to irrigate until the leaves on hot peppers wilt, that wilt means the crop is stressed and ultimately will produce fewer fruits.  Crophesy below ground wireless technology transmits soil moisture and crop status hourly so growers can immediately take action, before crops are stressed, without having to step foot in the field.

Crophesy by AquaSpy utilizes intelligent algorithms and underground sensors to monitor the pepper plant’s active root zone and moisture uptake, allowing growers to use precise process control to give their pepper crops exactly what they need and when. Crophesy shows when the moisture reaches the active root zone so you can avoid pushing precious water and nutrients below where they are needed. This saves money and conserves nutrients.

Another aspect to monitor when growing peppers is the soil salinity. Since they are actually a fruit, many pepper varieties are sensitive to salinity. Crophesy intelligent probes arm growers with critical data on soil salinity levels layer by layer in their pepper fields.

Crophesy Process Control for Optimizing Irrigation Practices for Pepper

With a Crophesy annual subscription, you receive a free, three-sensor, wireless, soil moisture probe and access to the AgSpy software and AquaSpy app, making your data accessible on the go – on your mobile, tablet or desktop. Place the rugged, water-tight probes throughout your pepper or garlic field and connect them to the app via your smartphone. Then you can constantly monitor soil and crop health for all of your peppers and receive alerts if your soil moisture or salinity falls outside of the crop-specific desired tolerances.

Crophesy enables you to open your app from anywhere and show you what kind of nourishment is available in your soil at your pepper crop root depth. With this data, you can determine when the active root zone needs water or other vital nutrients.

Each Crophesy data access subscription come with:

  • Free hardware! 16” wireless, battery-operated below ground probe
  • Custom 24” auger
  • Pre-programmed pepper and garlic templates
  • Works with pivot or drip irrigation and is soil agnostic

The Crophesy app can show you data on a mobile phone, tablet or computer:

  • Moisture consumption at the root level
  • Salinity level in the active root zone
  • Root depth
  • Soil temperature near the sensors
  • Irrigation depth

And it tells you all this without you having to step foot in your pepper field. Get the insights you need for optimized pepper irrigation practices with Crophesy by AquaSpy.

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