Optimize Crop Yield, Water and Fertigation

Informed Irrigation Decisions With AquaSpy

We help you be the expert at what you do, growing food for people and feed for livestock. Our intelligent ag-tech solutions do more than monitor soil moisture, they show you how your plants are doing every day, every minute. Make informed choices about when/how to water and fertilize. Improve crop quality, yield, increase farm profitability.


Climate Smart Soil Intelligence

Crop Health Monitoring on Demand


Crophesy Pay as You Grow From AquaSpy

The Crophesy Pay as You Grow system uses proven AquaSpy soil moisture sensors paired with an all new mobile app that lets Growers monitor their crops from wherever they are, providing advanced data analytics that are comprehensive but easy to read. Watch our video to see how Crophesy can work for any crop.

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Row Crops
Food & Beverage
Specialty Crops

YES! Score takes the guesswork out of managing your crops.

Yield Efficiency Score (YES!℠) is the world’s first scoring system to provide meaningful feedback to the grower about the effectiveness of their process control. Studies have demonstrated that the better the score, the more optimized the yield.

For over 10 years, we have gathered and analyzed soil profile data from our systems deployed in every major growing region of the US, and throughout the world. This massive repository of crop specific information on the way plants and trees really grow helps us profile every major commodity crop, and informs the way that we calibrate our systems for your crop in your field.

Increase Your Farm Profitability

Take the risk out of irrigation decisions so you can make more informed decisions that conserve inputs and optimize yields.

  • Crop specific.
  • Soil agnostic.
  • See the crop absorbing moisture layer by layer.
  • Demonstrated correlation between YES! score and yield.
  • Multiple university and field studies.

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