5 things to ask before buying a soil moisture monitoring system

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Our Solution. Your Irrigation Decisions Made Easy

Thousands of fields are using AquaSpy and not leaving it to chance.

Setting yourself up for the best possible yield by controlling what you can is far superior than leaving it up to nature only.

Our Data. Easy to Understand, Actionable

Our Approach. Listen to the Crop


No modeling.

No guessing.

We let the plant speak for itself.

Track crop behavior of both water and nutrients though a 48” profile.

Real time data every 4 inches for water, nutrients and temperature.

Our Growers. We're in Thousands of Fields

Aquaspy is one of the most important and impactful technologies that we utilize. For an irrigated farmer it is a given fact that water is our most important input. No other input is as vital to, or influences the production function like water, and yet it is our most scarce and regulated resource. Our goal is to make sure that every drop counts; Aquaspy gives us this ability. Aquaspy also has one of the most experienced and knowledgeable teams in the industry. Our success is no longer measured by production per acre alone… but by production per acre inch pumped. - Harold Grall, TX
I have been impressed with the information that I am receiving from Aquaspy. I can detect moisture levels in the soil 3-5 to days earlier than I can with the old hand and ribbon technique. The system will start to show that I am drying out when my old thought would have been we have a couple more days. The graph is easy to follow. With the probe I know where the roots are. The plant didn't starve for fertilizer and I watched the leached fertilizer move back up as the plant got larger and utilized it. It is really interesting what you can learn from the probes. I would highly recommend Aquaspy - it has sensors every four inches, can measure conductivity, and the service and support is fantastic! - Jessi Blasi, KS
For the last two seasons we have used the Aquaspy probes on every acre of our irrigated land. Aquaspy system is easy to use and understand, and we have seen many benefits. One of the biggest benefits is being able to schedule our irrigations. We have saved as many as five days at a time simply because we knew the moisture content of the soil. We have also been able to water at more opportune times that coincide with the weather. I truly believe that the probes will pay for themselves in the first year of use simply with water savings and yield increases. Having the probes gives us the peace of mind of knowing that we are watering at the best and most economical times. We plan on using the Aquaspy program for many years into the future. - Bradley Colglazier, Bar-C farms, KS
Since adding AquaSpy systems in my fields, we use a lot less water to get to the same or better yields. It’s very cool to be able to know in real time just how effective I am when applying water, and to know I’m applying the right amount. You can see the crop react and know immediately whether you got it right. - Tim Schmeeckle, Gothenburg, NE
We were guessing at how much to water. With AquaSpy it took the guess work out and allowed us to be much more efficient and effective in field management. We could plan ahead with our irrigations and get the right amount of water to the crop. Our yields were on average 22% higher than fields without a system. We’re planning on using AquaSpy on every field this coming season. - Chris Cogdill, Pinewood, SC
I used AquaSpy’s soil moisture system in two no-till, dryland fields to track the micro-climate that I was creating through my cover crop. Their system enabled me to tightly control my growing process and optimize use of water and nitrates to maximize my yield. In the field with a cover crop, I had 20/bu higher yield using 100/lbs less nitrogen. My roots were 28” deeper and I retained more available moisture when compared to a field without cover crops. AquaSpy provided me real-time plant data to tightly control my process and have a template that I can use in the future to maintain high yields. - Russell Hedrick, JRH Grain Farms LLC, NC

Our Impact. Get More from Each Acre

10-40% Yield Increase

Our data shows the most direct impact to Superior Yields is assuring that water and nutrients exist in the
Active Root Zone (ARZ) when and where the plant attempts to uptake these vital elements.

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YES!SM. Tracking Your Progress to Higher Yields

Yield Efficiency Score (YES!℠)
is the world’s first scoring system to provide meaningful feedback to the grower about the effectiveness of their process control. The better the score, the more likely to result in the best possible yield nature will allow.

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