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April 11, 2016
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July 21, 2016

The Moisture Gauge for Every Pivot

Think of Your Entire Field as Your Gas Tank

Try to imagine our vehicle centric world without some of the instruments and gauges that someone once invented and that today we take completely for granted.

Without something as simple as a speedometer, we would all go as fast as we judged possible. Turn signals are another simple invention, but without them…well the ensuing chaos is not only easy to imagine but actual reality.

Without the gas gauge in our cars, we wouldn’t know how close to full or how close to empty we are and imaginably we would stop often to “top it off” just in case we might be running low. As expensive and inefficient as that would be, there is no alternative short of running out of gas altogether.

Many of these elements of “gaugelessness” exist for today’s Farmer because in that world, those very basic and elemental gauges and instruments have not yet caught up to the Farm.

AquaSpy’s Dual Moisture Gauge provides separate moisture level readings for the Active Root Zone and the entire soil profile, so you can see the whole picture. Roots often interact at 4, 5 or 6 foot depths and each layer of the soil is its’ own distinct environment, so while the top may appear parched, the Active Root Zone may well be quite sufficiently nourished.

Think of your entire field as your gas tank. In it is the energy or fuel to make your crop grow to its’ maximum potential. It’s the water, the fertilizer, and the pesticides, that when given in the right amount in the right place, and at the right time, fuel that crop either to a record and profitable yield, or dwindle it down to a breakeven or loss position.

Shouldn’t you know how the crops are interacting with their vital fuel and how quickly or poorly the crops are taking up the nutrients? This not only translates to yield, but it tells you how much of what to put where and when, and “gauges” when to or when not to add “fuel” to the tank.