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April 6, 2016
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April 13, 2016

Determining Volumetric Soil Moisture is a Fallacy

Volumetric Soil Moisture (VSM) requires knowledge of soil type, crop type, and water holding capacity for each layer in the soil which is not practical for typical commercial installations. However, by using an automated system that first detects rooting depth, then sensor by sensor detects Full Point (field capacity), and then derives the Refill Point, AquaSpy can accurately provide a measure of available moisture both in the Active Root Zone and in the entire soil profile.

The Active Root Zone is your measurement window. The plant can only draw water and nutrients from its roots; therefore, your system must know how deep your roots truly are compared to how much energy is present in that zone from which the roots can withdraw nutrients. The plant tells you when it needs more water by its root behavior. If the root has energy within its Active Root Zone, high growth ensues. Many people are misled by having a wet soil but a shallow root system that cannot access this moisture. As a result, plants can still run out of available moisture and nutrients, which manifests in yield loss.

You need to know the Active Root Zone to accurately apply the right amount of water at the right time to ensure that water and nutrients penetrate deep enough to maximize growth but nothing goes so deep it is wasted to leaching and drainage.

Every calculation of soil moisture and EC must be based on matching the Active Root Zone to the correct depth of moisture and nutrient penetration in the soil