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August 26, 2016
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March 15, 2017

It’s a Relative World After All

by Bruce Moeller

What if our lives were bound by only relative measures?

In Agriculture, most Farmers measure the vital moisture in their soil only by relative measures with soil moisture sensors or drones or even sticks thrust into the soil. AquaSpy is very unique and different in that we dissect and segregate the soil into 12 distinct layers of earth and automatically gauge the full and empty positions of each layer of soil from which the plant withdraws its’ vital nutrients, as well as whether that layer is only partially full (like ¼, 1/2 , ¾ , etc.) and whether the active root systems is drawing it down and how fast it may deplete its’ ability to withdraw liquid energy before the crop experiences yield degradation.


This correlates directly to the crop yield because of course a crop cannot grow sucking only air from its’ intake system.

When superior, easy to read, exact and inexpensive alternatives exist to laboring through with accepting only relative measures on the very subject that has the most direct influence upon the crop yield and therefore the output and profitability of the entirety of the Farmers’ efforts, it would be like:

Driving your car by only guessing how much gas was in the tank or only knowing that you have ½ of what you had yesterday.

Telling your kids that they shouldn’t need their coats today as it will be twice as warm today as it was yesterday (4 degrees all the way up to 8).

On the annual car vacation, the answer to the ubiquitous;” are we there yet” is “we are twice as far as we were the last time you asked.”

Report cards might state that she did better than last time in English but only half as good in math.

You might have to pay “a little bit more in taxes,” but they are going up at the smallest rate that they ever have.

I’m not exactly sure how old I am but it seems every year I get older faster.

I think I deserve a raise because I did twice as much work today than I did yesterday.

It might actually make my golf game more enjoyable though because I’d feel better if all I knew was that I did lots better than I did last time.

Though I suspect I’d begin to mis-trust my banker if he said my bank account was the highest it’s ever been but it is depleting at a faster rate than ever before.

When my Doctor tells me my blood sugar is high but getting higher at a slower pace than ever before, should I feel good or bad about that?

So you see, it’s all relative and except for the annual Thanksgiving dinner, relatives can be good or bad but may behave better or worse than they did last year when Uncle John got drunk and spilled half the gravy dish all over the white tablecloth (I think it was half, but there was a lot less left to go around).

If I’m growing a crop, and my entire income depends upon the best yield I can possibly achieve, and I can know exactly where the active roots zones are and if and how much nutrient resides in that zone and that directly translates into ensuring the biggest, strongest crop possible, I don’t want to leave it to chance if I can see the gauge and what to do about it, but that’s just me.

I’m a relatively careful and precise guy.