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January 3, 2016
An Age Old Question
February 25, 2016

Want Yield

It’s half past sun up; do you know where your roots are???

Want Yield? Put your money where your crops’ mouths’ are.

Like humans, crops have to absorb nutrients to flourish and grow. Unlike us, they must rely upon their roots to forage for liquid sustenance throughout the various depths of soil zones where they eat. Conversely we enjoy the advantage of employing our arms and legs to seek and obtain food to deposit into our mouths.

We may live 80 or more years while most crops may only exist for a little over 100 days or so.

We are made of approximately 2/3rds water while most crops are over 80% to 90% water. So what we have found from having thousands of fields under our control, is that the data supports a strong correlation of 20% and higher yields for those fields where the Grower ensured that he deposited and maintained sufficient liquidified nutrients in the active root zone at the depth at which the root system was currently seeking to absorb that energy for growth on that particular day.

There are many variables and combinations of seed, chemicals, sunlight, and processes which conspire to make a poor, average or excellent yield but by far the strongest correlation we have seen in all of the data we have correlated thus far is as simple as putting your money where your mouth is (well your crops’ mouths’ anyway).

It really is pretty logical and straightforward though. They are comprised almost entirely of water. They actively forage for that nutrient throughout ever deepening soil layers in order to absorb that of which they are mostly made. If it is there for them to take up, they do and it becomes the main part of their make-up. The more they can withdraw from the soil bank, the bigger and healthier they will become.

It’s yield time; do you know where your roots are?